The enactments of the following laws:

  • Occupational Safety & Health Act (Act 514) 1994; and Regulations
  • Factories & Machinery Act (Act 139) 1967/1988; and Regulations;
  • Environmental Quality Act (Act 127) 1974; and Regulations;

Provide for

  • the securing of the safety, health and welfare of persons at work, for protecting others against risk to safety or health in connection with the activities of persons at work;
  • the control of factories with respect to matters relating to the safety, health and welfare of persons therein, the registration and inspection of machinery and for matters connected therewith;
  • the prevention, abatement, control of pollution and enhancement of the environment, and for purposes connected therewith.
We have established a ‘One Stop Centre’ for addressing Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental issues, through the practice of multi-disciplinary approach, utilizing a combined wealth of expertise from varied professions.

Amongst the many services we provide are:
Under the purview of DOSH / JKKP

  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment
  • Occupational Exposure Monitoring (chemicals, elements, solvents, lead, mineral
    dust, etc)
  • Examination and effectiveness testing for engineering control equipment systems
    (Local Exhaust Ventilation – LEV)
  • Noise Exposure Monitoring (including noise source measurement and noise
  • Mobile Audiometric Testing (DOSH Approved & Licensed; onsite at factory
  • Medical Surveillance Programme
  • Indoor Air Quality assessment and monitoring

Under the purview of DOE / JAS

  • Boundary Noise Survey & Mapping
  • Air Emission Monitoring – scrubbers & stack, isokinetic
  • High volume ambient air sampling
  • Waste Water sampling analysis for sewage & industrial effluents
  • Waste Water Characterization Study & Quality Compliance Verification


  • ROHS compliance testing
  • Laboratory chemical analysis
  • Illumination measurement, Heat stress measurement